Healing Thoughts

Chela: Gururaj, could you please enlighten me on the method of personally dealing with pain and ill health?Gururaj: Yes, through your healing thoughts.

If a person has a leg injury and is limping, you picture the person as walking well or running… not as limping. (This is done in your mind’s eye after meditation because your thoughts are more powerful. ) Picture the person covered in a blue haze. It doesn’t matter what blue. It could be dark blue, light blue… whatever. That’s not important. Picture the person in a blue haze and envision the person healthy and well. What you are doing is sending positive thoughts, positive healing energies.

I always tell people, if you have a friend or a loved one who is sick, don’t keep on thinking ‘Oh, my beloved has a stomach ache or a back ache or this ache or that ache.’ You are strengthening the thoughts of that particular person with the ache, so it makes the ache worst. Think in the mind ‘Ah, no, that ache is gone’.

Helen was complaining about her throat and I just sent one little thought for one or two seconds that her throat is going to be okay. Right, Helen? There you are. You see? So always have healing, uplifting thoughts at all times. ~ GR

Satsang United Kingdom 1985~06

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A Prayer for You

Did you know that I thought of you today

As I closed my eyes and bowed my head to pray?

I asked the Lord to give you strength

Though sore trials may come your way,

To give you hope, to give you peace,

To endure for another day.

I asked that He shower you

With gifts from heaven above

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Goodness is one expression of love.  For the quality of goodness to blossom within the heart requires that the “other” is of greater significance than our “personal self.”  It is this unconscious selfless act of spontaneous surrender to the other which brings forth the quality of goodness, which is the observable quality of surrender!

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Silence Is …

The sound of a snowflake falling on a cold winter day,

The peace that passeth understanding,

The stillness wherein all conflicts are resolved,

The mystery which confounds the mind but is experienced by the heart,

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