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A Prayer for You

Did you know that I thought of you today

As I closed my eyes and bowed my head to pray?

I asked the Lord to give you strength

Though sore trials may come your way,

To give you hope, to give you peace,

To endure for another day.

I asked that He shower you

With gifts from heaven above

To bathe you in His spirit

And the knowledge of His love.

I asked that He remove your sorrow

And vanquish all your pain,

Wash away your troubles,

Cleanse your life with His bloodstains.

I asked that when your burdens

Are more than you can bear,

That He lift you up like an eagle

Soaring above them in the air.

I asked that He open your eyes

With His eternal light

To guide you through the perilous journey

And find your way in the darkest night.

I asked that His amazing touch

Heal your wounds,

Dry your tears,

Ease your heartaches,

Calm your fears,

Renew your strength to endure

Any challenge, any race,

With the example of His courage

And never-ending grace.

I asked that the seeds of His glory

Blossom in your heart each hour

To bless your life with His love

And omnipotent power.

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