About AMS


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The American Meditation Society is a 501(c )3  non-profit educational organization. Any donations, large or small are greatly appreciated.

Your support will help to continue the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi. Contributions can be made online.

Give to our Annual campaign. Gifts to the Annual Campaign support AMS programs, operating expenses, tape conversions, and book publishing.

Make a Special Gift. Donations can be made to support specific programs, events and projects such as conversion of Gururaj Satsangs to CD and MP3 Files, book publication, send a teacher to a new area to offer a weekend teaching class, etc. Just note your special request.

Establish an Endowment. Gifts to an Endowment Fund can create annual revenue that supports AMS programs and operations.

Volunteer. If none of these options are available to you right now, consider Volunteering (Hyperlink to volunteer page http://americanmeditationsociety.org/about-ams/volunteer/).


Thank you for your generosity!