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All Suffering is Born of Desire – Excerpts from: I AM THAT: Dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Harmony between the inner and the outer is happiness.

On the other hand, self-identification with the outer causes is suffering

It is the mind bewildered by wrong ideas, addicted to thinking: ‘I am this’ ‘I am that’, that fears loss and craves gain and suffers when frustrated.

 All suffering is born of desire:

True love is never frustrated. How can the sense of unity be frustrated?

What can be frustrated is the desire for expression. Such desire is of the mind.   As with all things mental, frustration is inevitable and suffering are only the body and the mind screaming for  attention

To go beyond the body you must be healthy:

  •  To go beyond the mind, you must have your mind in perfect order. You cannot leave a mess behind and go beyond.
  •  The mess will bog you up. ‘Pick up your rubbish’ seems to be the universal law: And a just law too!
  •  There is no other way out of misery, which you have created for yourself through blind acceptance without investigation.

   Suffering is a call for enquiry, all suffering needs investigation.

  •      Don’t be too lazy to think.


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