How to Accelerate The Process of the Spiritual Journey

We can accelerate the process by trying, to the best of our ability, to live a good life, helping others and trying not to harm or hinder them. We should not judge others, for they are on their own path working out their own patterns.

We can read uplifting books and keep company with people of good character. The most important thing we can do to accelerate the process of unfoldment is to do our meditation and spiritual practices regularly. If we do our 10% the Divine Purpose of the Universe will do the 90%, but we must do our part and be sincere.

What Do We Get From A Life Of Dedicated to A Spiritual Path?

All life is on a spiritual path and anything that exists partakes of this life and path.

Even the rock is on its own spiritual path. For some reason, which is difficult to comprehend, our mind fragments our life not only from the rest of creation but even itself. We believe that we have two lives, one in the world and the other in the spirit. In truth we have only one life. The difference is where we place our emphasis: On exploring external things or unfolding our internal potential.

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Letting Go of Outcome (another thought on attachment to outcome)

We should perform our duty to the best of your ability, living in and enjoying each moment, letting the workings of the universe take care of the outcome.

How can we anticipate the future outcome of our life when we cannot even begin to comprehend the interacting ripples created in this vast universal pond by even one single action.

We should have goals and work toward them, but let go of the attachment to outcome.  Let go of the expectation that just because we say a thing should be so, that it must, and this feeling of burdensomeness will lessen.