Past actions may have helped to create our present, but what creates the future ?

It is easy to understand the present as being a byproduct of the past and current conditions, but your question “What does the future hold” implies a great deal more. For example: What is the future?  What creates it?  Is the future predictable?

Concerns or speculation about the future are illusions created by the mind in order to put structure around something which is unknown.  Fear of the unknown is the most basic fear with which we must contend.

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Learn to Meditate

An Addition to the Summer Meditation Retreat! We are adding a new component called: Learn to Meditate at our Summer Meditation Retreat. This is an invaluable opportunity for new students to learn to meditate, as well experience a group of people who meditate regularly as part of their path of self-understanding.

Essence of True Spirituality

The term spiritual is much overused. What is spiritual, what is not spiritual, what is the best form of spiritual life etc. All these questions have little to do with the reality of true spirituality. It is not a way of life, it is not a way of thinking, it is not a set of concepts no matter how sublime. True spirituality is a universal state o f being within and available to everyone equally. The realization of the essence of true spirituality comes from earnestness of purpose and purity of intent, not in any specific way of life. The universal Truth which is the essence of being and becoming is the open sectret available to all and at all times. Just how badly do you really want to realize the truth of your own being? When it is as important to you as a breath of air is to a drowning man, know that realization is at hand and you are on the door step of Truth. ~Sujay

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