What Do We Get From A Life Of Dedicated to A Spiritual Path?

All life is on a spiritual path and anything that exists partakes of this life and path.

Even the rock is on its own spiritual path. For some reason, which is difficult to comprehend, our mind fragments our life not only from the rest of creation but even itself. We believe that we have two lives, one in the world and the other in the spirit. In truth we have only one life. The difference is where we place our emphasis: On exploring external things or unfolding our internal potential.

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Letting Go of Outcome (another thought on attachment to outcome)

We should perform our duty to the best of your ability, living in and enjoying each moment, letting the workings of the universe take care of the outcome.

How can we anticipate the future outcome of our life when we cannot even begin to comprehend the interacting ripples created in this vast universal pond by even one single action.

We should have goals and work toward them, but let go of the attachment to outcome.  Let go of the expectation that just because we say a thing should be so, that it must, and this feeling of burdensomeness will lessen.

The Burden of the Spiritual Path and Suffering

This process we call “The Spiritual Path” seems burdensome or joyful depending on OUR attitude toward it.. The feeling of burden comes from the pressure exerted by our attachment in expecting the universe to conform to our ideas of what it should be. We are trying to create the universe in our own image and likeness. No wonder we feel burdened, the universe is much bigger  then we and has its own agenda to work out.

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Learn to Meditate

An Addition to the Summer Meditation Retreat! We are adding a new component called: Learn to Meditate at our Summer Meditation Retreat. This is an invaluable opportunity for new students to learn to meditate, as well experience a group of people who meditate regularly as part of their path of self-understanding.