To sleep, perchance to dream of a thousand

worlds and a thousand faces.

Is the dream more real than the dreamer?

The dreamer, like a spider, spins the dream

in patterns beautiful from its own substance

and yet knows it not.

Remember oh dreamer that all dreams must

end with the coming of the dawn.

In the glow of dawn silken threads of dreams

become illumined and transparent.

Arise, awake, oh dreamer of dreams. The time

of sleeping has passed.

Rise fully into knowledge and glory eternal.

The dream was your own creation in the sleep

of unknowing. In the dawn of knowing, dreams

fade as shadows before the sun.

Arise, Awake, oh dreamer of dreams, the time

of sleeping has passed.

A Prayer for You

Did you know that I thought of you today

As I closed my eyes and bowed my head to pray?

I asked the Lord to give you strength

Though sore trials may come your way,

To give you hope, to give you peace,

To endure for another day.

I asked that He shower you

With gifts from heaven above

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Goodness is one expression of love.  For the quality of goodness to blossom within the heart requires that the “other” is of greater significance than our “personal self.”  It is this unconscious selfless act of spontaneous surrender to the other which brings forth the quality of goodness, which is the observable quality of surrender!

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Silence Is …

The sound of a snowflake falling on a cold winter day,

The peace that passeth understanding,

The stillness wherein all conflicts are resolved,

The mystery which confounds the mind but is experienced by the heart,

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