The Spiritual Journey – What is it and how do we know where we are along the path?

The spiritual journey is not going from some place to some other place, but a natural process of unfolding our awareness to the realization that we and the entire universe are not separate, but one. The nature of the One is to express itself in the many. We are that expression and at the same time we are the One, pure existence itself.

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Past actions may have helped to create our present, but what creates the future ?

It is easy to understand the present as being a byproduct of the past and current conditions, but your question “What does the future hold” implies a great deal more. For example: What is the future?  What creates it?  Is the future predictable?

Concerns or speculation about the future are illusions created by the mind in order to put structure around something which is unknown.  Fear of the unknown is the most basic fear with which we must contend.

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