Lisa Jarvis


I have been on a spiritual path for the past 20 plus years through a 12-step program of recovery. One of the areas of the 12-step program that I had trouble with was meditation.  I found it extremely difficult to be in stillness. Although I had experienced changes throughout my 12-step recovery program before I learned how to meditate, I was still very much unaware of how my mind raced continuously and I still struggled with fear, anxiety, & stress with life challenges.  I was introduced to the American Meditation Society through my husband upon his return from a retreat that he attended in 2007 with one of the AMS Vermont teachers. I was amazed at the transformation of peace I witnessed in him. I really wanted to experience peace in my own life as well. I began my journey with learning the AMS practices shortly thereafter. The individual meditation practices that I received through the AMS teachings have given me a deeper peace within and have helped me learn how to deal with life’s stresses and anxieties easier. I am able to see and experience my life and the lives of others through a different light.   I would love the opportunity to be able to teach these ancient practices so you can experience more peace with life’s challenges and anxieties and can open your heart to your true self.


Vergennes, Vermont