Dooreena Durbin, M.Ed.

When I embarked upon the spiritual path, my journey became crystallized when I learned the ancient art of meditation under the auspices of the American Meditation Society. After forty years of practicing meditation the profound benefits I received for my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing have been enormous.
In 1993, I joined the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (CPWR) and had the privilege of serving on the Dialogue Committee in preparation for the 100th year anniversary of CPWR for the purpose of promoting peace and understanding amongst all religious institutions throughout the Chicago area.
I have been teaching meditation and mindfulness to individual aspirants and groups for over 35 years. I currently teach a course on Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for medical students at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
In my personal life, I am a mother, a grandmother, a former musician, an animal lover and a humanitarian.




Illinois & NW Indiana