Gomila Garber

Within a very short time of being with Gururaj, in 1979, he encouraged me to become a meditation teacher, then an advanced healer. From that point on, it didn’t seem like I had a choice. Through grace, he had taken me under his wings. Something reawakened within me. An aliveness seemed to have been sparked. Outwardly my life experiences included being a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. Though my degree is in speech and hearing pathology, I ended up working at a cemetery as a memorial counselor for 26 years. Both in my personal and professional life, the paths I have walked down have dealt intimately with life and death situations. I just retired from my work. Inwardly, I feel like a child watching the next moment unfold. My spiritual and everyday world no longer seem very different.

Sooo…Why should YOU meditate? Words, thoughts, judgments can please/entice your mind… but may become exhausting. From within, you will know if meditation is your path at this point of time. If you feel intuitively that our paths should cross, let’s connect. Your heart will guide you. Come to me with your receptive heart.





Illinois (Chicago, NW Suburbs)