Meditation Programs

Retreats that are relaxed and informal

Retreats range from weekend events to full 6-day courses. Each retreat offers a relaxed, informal and fun environment with regular meditation practice at its core.

Discussion Group at Retreat in New Jersey


Programs are structured to allow maximum benefit from morning and afternoon group meditation practice. During each day there are regular times for group discussion, allowing the opportunity to explore questions, ideas and experiences that arise through meditation practice. There are also Satsangs which are gatherings which include presentations and discussion on topics related to personal transformation and living in grace.


There are also opportunities for physical activity, with silent morning walks and yoga and Tai Chi classes led by experienced, fellow meditators.

Tai Chi at Meditation Retreat

Free time is provided each day, and activities such as art projects and “film nights” provide creative and social outlets that complement the deepening of personal spiritual experience that unfolds during each course.

Meditation in Art at Knoxville Retreat