AMS Meditation practices have helped me focus my desire for constant and conscious meeting with the Divine. My experience with meditation previously had been a confusion of eastern and western ideas that were stuck in my head. Now I have a stable and unified path that extends into the far reaches of my heart. I appreciate the peace and the clarity I’ve found. I am more open to continuously re-framing my life in the material world as my spiritual consciousness expands to meet All of Life.

~ Linda Weaver, artist, writer, editor, Tennessee


The American Meditation Society has changed my life. The spiritual practices are like nothing I have ever done. They have grounded me, developed my intuitive senses, and deepened my sense of spiritual awareness. It is a life changing experience that everyone should partake in. Thanking you for your guidance shown me.

~ Lola Isaacs, retired, Atlanta


AMS Meditation has allowed for me to develop into a more patient and understanding person. I don’t become tangled in issues with school, work, and life that before would normally cause me stress. Meditating lets me step back and see the bigger picture, focus, and breathe.

~Sean Stacey,  Graduate student in Microbiology, Tennessee


Meditation has opened a new world of contemplation and wondering that I have always had a yearning for. It has helped provide a confirming perspective of my spiritual beliefs as well as beneficial technique to deal with the complexities and challenging stresses of modern day life. A world of wonder and learning awaits you.

~ Joe Charsagua, Senior Military Analyst, Virginia


AMS meditation benefits every area of my life. It gives me greater balance, increases energy levels and significantly improves my ability to focus. Meditation also brings me deeper relaxation, lowers stress, and gives me the strength to face challenging life situations. When I meditate, it is an opportunity for me to stop thinking, to go beyond words and thoughts. It brings my attention into the present moment and allows me to live a more fulfilling life.

~ Jacob Salzer, Administrative Assistant, Vancouver, WA