Gong Meditation


Track 1 – 24 minute meditation

Track 2 – 32 minute meditation

DIRECTIONS:   Sit comfortably and gently begin your mantra meditation.  When the gong has been struck for the last time there is a period of silence ended by  OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI.

The use of the gong is an ancient form of Tibetan meditation used to promote experience of a deeper level of relative existence.   Gong meditation helps you learn how to use your mantra. Begin your mantra and allow it to fade away, like the sound of the gong fading away.  Using the gong, you will automatically get into the habit of letting the mantra fade away.  As it fades away you dive deep within yourself reaching deeper layers of your mind.  That is where the beauty is.

The intervals at which the gong is struck correspond to how thoughts operate in a person’s mind.  We think a thought is continuous, but thought is constituted by a series of gaps.  The gong intervals were developed by ancient yogis and the gong is struck at precise moments to penetrate that very gap.

When the sound of the gong continues in the mind, or stimulates the mantra, then all thoughts that pass through the mind have no lasting effect on the mind.  They would be like clouds just floating away.

Produced and recorded by Kenton Yeager and Joe Payne at Paynesound and Media Design, Knoxville, TN
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