The Path of Unfoldment (NEW ebook)

The aim of the Path of Unfoldment is to share some of the wisdom of a remarkable man and teacher, Gururaj Ananda Yogi.  His message is profoundly spiritual, yet also intensely practical and compassionate, bringing together universal truths with all aspects of human experience in a way that is unique among modern spiritual teachers.  He speaks to men and women of all nations and beliefs with a voice and a power that is direct and easily understood.

For all seekers who desire to know and experience that quality of love which permeates all existence from the universal to the individual, the Path of Unofldment will bring new insights, new inspiration – and new hope.

Chapter Headings:

  1. The Evolutionary Process
  2. Individual Responsibility
  3. Meditation
  4. Gururshakti
  5. Conscious Effort
  6. Love and Relationships
  7. The Guru
  8. Spiritual Paths
  9. Unfoldment
Price: $10.00