The Search for Self (US 78-3)(MP3)

In this talk, Gururaj discusses how the mind gets lost in the search for something it cannot find. It can appreciate or observe, but it can never realize or know. God is an experience of the heart, and in reaching that experience, the mind is both an obstacle and a tool. To the heart, there is no duality and no need to search, for it knows of that stillness we are seeking. Until that stage is reached, though, we must help ourselves to overcome the problems of the mind and to call forth the law of grace into our lives. We bleat like the “sheep” our minds would have us believe that we are. With the realization that we are “lions,” all of our suffering and weakness is dispelled. This is a good foundation for beginners and contains many of Gururaj’s most frequently used stories and metaphors. (Downloadable)

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