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Past actions may have helped to create our present, but what creates the future ?

It is easy to understand the present as being a byproduct of the past and current conditions, but your question “What does the future hold” implies a great deal more. For example: What is the future?  What creates it?  Is the future predictable?

Concerns or speculation about the future are illusions created by the mind in order to put structure around something which is unknown.  Fear of the unknown is the most basic fear with which we must contend.

We have all conjured up images of what we want the future to be or we become fearful of what terrors the future might hold. However, by the time the future becomes the present, chances are it resembles very little of what we earlier desired or feared it would be.

A simple way through the dilemma is to take care of each present moment and the future takes care of itself. This doesn’t mean that we don’t do prudent planning. However, we should not be preoccupied or attached to our idea of what we want the future to become, but maintain flexibility and acceptance within the understanding that what we do today creates our tomorrow. Live, love and enjoy the present moment, for that is all we really have. The future is nothing but the minds projection of present moments. The past is nothing but the remembrance of present moments.

It is far better to BE in the reality of the present moment, rather then becoming lost in dreams of past glories, sorrows, or fantasies about an infinite number of future possibilities which may never happen.

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