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Should we be Concerned About the Opinion of Others?

Do not worry about the opinion of others. We were not put on this earth to live up to someone else’s expectations. All of us have our own life script to work out and are constantly seeking personal validation for our life and how we are living it.

If others are doing the same thing we are then we feel our life position is validated, after all if others are doing , it too we must be right. Conversely, if someone is doing something which is different, we or the group feel threatened because if they are doing it and I am not, then I might be wrong.

If someone feels threatened the flight or fight response is invoked and its expression may take many forms, varying in intensity depending on how threatened the individual or group feels. A good example is Jesus of Nazareth, look what happened to him when he introduced something new which did not conform to the existing social and religious inertia of his time. Admittedly this is an extreme example, however, it does illustrate the point.

Attempting to introduce a new idea or paradigm into an existing system of thought or behavior is the root cause of most religious, political or social discord.

To thin own self be true. Have courage and live your life according to what you feel is best for you and allow others to do the same.

Fight on and continue until either death claims us or the goal is reached. It matters not which comes first for in the end we will know we fought a good and righteous battle regardless of the outcome.

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