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The Burden of the Spiritual Path and Suffering

This process we call “The Spiritual Path” seems burdensome or joyful depending on OUR attitude toward it.. The feeling of burden comes from the pressure exerted by our attachment in expecting the universe to conform to our ideas of what it should be. We are trying to create the universe in our own image and likeness. No wonder we feel burdened, the universe is much bigger  then we and has its own agenda to work out.

To the extent we are attached to a particular outcome (good or bad) is to that same extent we will feel the burden. To the same extent we are attached to any thought or thing we will suffer when things do not turn out as we expect or what we are attached to is stripped from us. Therefore this burden and suffering is of our own making.

The question then becomes, how do we rid ourselves of this burden and suffering? We must change the patterns of our mind from attachment and personal acquisition to non-attachment and unconditional love. Only in this way can we rid ourselves of our personal suffering and what appears to be the burden of life and the spiritual path. We start from where we are at and take one step at a time. No matter how many times we may appear to fail, every step takes us closer to our goal of happiness and ease in and with life.

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