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The Final Teaching – Do this and you will realize the freedom aleady within you!

Read this carefully, allow the mind to be with the words without analysis. Do what is said, with earnestness and no desire for any outcome. Just be with whatever happens, flow, be innocent without desire for achievement- realize your true freedom was, is and always be closer than your own breath. This is all!



What is it that causes suffering? Is there something that acts like a “Rock” around our necks pulling us down into anger, suffering depression and despair?

How can we free ourselves from this condition? Is there a simple formula for realizing that True Peace and Joy which is said to be the essence of the  human spirit and God?

The answer to the first question on suffering is very simple and obvious once we hear it. The answer is thoughts within the mind cause these negative mental conditions.

Remember I said “suffering” not “pain”, pain is physical but how our mind interprets this physical condition using thought as the mental medium of translation determines where or not we suffer.

Thoughts that are negative or illicit feelings of helplessness, and despair pull us down into depression and mental suffering. It is the mind itself or rather the habitual thought patterns within the mind that keep appearing and re-appearing in the mind which causes these mental conditions.

Now as in all things there is an exception to this and that is a chemical imbalance within the brain. To some degree the techniques I will mention will help, however, competent medical diagnosis and treatment is certainly recommended along with the following the techniques, when a physical component to mental distress is determined by a qualified medical professional.

There are a number of techniques that we can use to help minimize and in many cases eliminate these negative thought patterns.

One very good way is to be aware when we know these thoughts are within the mind. Look them from a objective point of view as if you are seeing something that has happened but which have only a limited existence. Because as they come in they also leave in time. So if we view thoughts as “Things” not “What we are” then when these thoughts intrude into the mind, be aware that they are not you, they are a mental phenomenon and in the observing say to yourself  —   “I am not these thoughts. These thoughts do not control me.” This loosens the grip of these thought patterns on the mind.

Forcibly evict them from your mind. Move your mind into a different thought pattern that is uplifting – prayer, music, Gurushakti – or whatever works for you.

Change the patterns of thoughts within your mind and you change your world. It does not happen at over night, but keep doing it, over and over and over again as long as it takes. Only you can change your world. No one else!  We have spent a lifetime building up these negative thought patterns and they are deeply engrained within the depths of the mind. If we put them there we can get rid of them. But it is not a free ride, you must work diligently, unflinchingly, and with courage at changing how you think and what you want your world to become.

You have this choice and this one choice only! Work diligently now with courage and love for yourself OR stay as you are now and repeat this same lesson over and over and over again until you do finally triumph over the illusion of the mind. Your choice!   You have to walk your path no one can do it for you.

You start from where you are. Every moment is new filled with promise and freedom. The past is dead if we let it go.  Let us move forward. Watch the thoughts in the mind. Be vigilant! Do not let the mind trick you or control you – the real you is the Witness of the thought, it is not the thought itself. Stay in the witness, not focused on the thought. Banish the thought withdraw into the witnessing factor. There the weather is fine. This is the real you. But how do we stay in that “Witness” Ahhh here is the key!

The Final Teaching!

The Witness of all thought, action and sense experience is the internal sense of “I Am” ,  “I Exist” NOT the THOUGHT “I Am”, but the internal sense. When we ask “Who is perceiving the thoughts” certainly it is not the thought itself. It is something which is not thought, or concept or any thing that we can point to – It is just the sense of perceiving or the sense of “I Am” without words.

In order to sense this “I Am” turn the attention inward, not to the mind or content of the mind but to that sense of awareness without content, the sense of knowingness not knowing OF that is ever present and is presence itself. Try to remain with that sense “I AM” for a few seconds or minutes at a time.

When thoughts move through the mind (no matter what the thought) move the witnessing factor from the thought back to itself back to that internal perceiver to that sense “I AM” existence of awareness pure and clear perceiving without thinking.

Keep this transitioning just like meditating with a mantra and thoughts but here we are coming back to being aware of being aware. It may feel odd, but as you keep doing it like anything it becomes easier and a new way of perceiving blossoms from within.

Ask your self “What is it that perceives the thoughts, what is that that gives “All” the sense of reality”, it is that Awareness touching the thoughts or sense perceptions imparting its own Reality to all that it touches.

Turn around attention, around to attention itself, it never moves, never changes, always silent “always perceiving that which is not itself”.

During the day as you can remember or have the thought of this little practice, do it as often as possible even if only for a second or two at a time.

Walking, sitting, cleaning house, at work, no matter what.  Become aware of the sense of  the silent witness the sense “I am” – “I Exist”  without words within you. In this way little by little you will focus on the sense of presence within you and less on the turmoil happening within the mind.

Every day, every time you can remember to do it. Keep at it. You will begin to be aware of that deep sense of peace and spaciousness within you more and more. The attention or perceiving factor will begin to remain aware if itself, the focus of attention will effortless remain first upon itself then of the objects of perception which it will automatically perceive as not itself but simply phenomena existing for a moment than subsiding into that silent witness .

Doing this simple practice you will notice (after the fact) that when your attention is turned inward toward this sense “I Am” that there was no thought while the attention was turned inward. A thought may come into the mind but as soon as you refocus the attention inward, the thought disappears. Do not try and watch it, do not try to help the process, any “doing” on our part disrupts the natural quietness of the “Witnessing Factor”, the “Perceiving Factor”. No conscious thought can exist when the attention is turned upon itself. How marvelous, without anything being  done all is accomplished.  This is the miracle of this quiet infinite being whose nature is not action but potential to be or do anything without any doing.

This is a fast track to liberation. it is the secret without being hidden that is with is all the time. This awareness this sense of being aware and “present” was there before this body came into being, it is there throughout this life, it will be there when this body drops away. It is the eternal that is your True Self!

It is “this” that is eternally free, can never change, beyond all thought and motion, silent but without which this entire universe could never be nor be perceived. This is your True Self! Get acquainted with it and it is that which is freedom itself.

It is this that is the essence of what GR and all the great souls down the corridors of time have taught, though in words that the common person could understand.

This is the direct route. this is the “Maha” or great final teaching that is freedom itself.

Do this every spare moment! The end of the journey has always been there in plane sight within us, just waiting for consciousness simply to become aware of itself.

Game Over – Finished!

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