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Warrior’s Song: The Journey Home (Sujay’s book)

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Well fellow mediators after 30 years my book is finally finished. Yes, no fooling, it is a real book. It has taken 3 years of considerable effort by not only myself but also Linda Weaver who put all the words together, and Vidya who went over it countless times correcting my mistakes.

The book can be bought on for $18.00 (about 300 pages with over 100 pictures) just type in the search —  Warrior’s song: The Journey Home and it will take you right to the book.

All the war stories as a Marine and similar ones with Guru Raj are all in the book with as much of GR’s teaching as I could fit in the context of the wording of the book. It is really a book about one man’s life journey to find home. I think you will probably find many parallels in your own life’s journey within the pages. Those who have read it liked it very much so I think it will be a good and entertaining read. Enjoy, love Sujay

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