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What Do We Get From A Life Of Dedicated to A Spiritual Path?

All life is on a spiritualĀ path and anything that exists partakes of this life and path.

Even the rock is on its own spiritual path. For some reason, which is difficult to comprehend, our mind fragments our life not only from the rest of creation but even itself. We believe that we have two lives, one in the world and the other in the spirit. In truth we have only one life. The difference is where we place our emphasis: On exploring external things or unfolding our internal potential.

Our journey through this world should be like a stick passing through water. There is water unbroken before the stick’s passing and there is water unbroken after the stick’s passing. The stick leaves no mark to signify it’s passing, there is only joy in the passing.

What we get on the spiritual journey as our unfolding progresses is an increasing feeling of at-homeness (easiness) with life’s situations, greater peace within the mind and spontaneous joy within the heart.

However, this is not like instant pudding, remember this is a process. How many years or perhaps lifetimes have we spent creating the patterns which we are now living? How much intensity and effort have we put into those patterns, consciously or unconsciously? How much time, effort and intensity have we spent in our meditations, spiritual practices and actively working on changing those patterns? There are no free lunches, that which we have patterned within ourselves we must now un-pattern.

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